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ASTM is a kind of Prehardened mirror die steel with high toughness and hardness, which has homogeneous Martensitic structure refinement full cross section, low segregation, high purity, and excellent polishing and etching properties, it can be applied to thermal shock conditions of plastic molding.

Manufacturing technology

By using Super Clean smelting technology, it has a very high degree of purity
By using advanced multi-free forging technology, it has good isotropic
By using Multi-Top heat treatment technology, it has ultra-fine grain

Product properties

High purity, presents an ideal mirror polished
Higher tropism, showing excellent etching effect
Single organization, showing good toughness properties

Reasonable ingredients, with resistance to atmospheric corrosion

Application Advantages

Meet the thermal quenching of high optical injection molding technology
Has very good stability with strength and toughness
The maximum optimization of mold waterway design

Glass fiber injection can improve conditions

Main application

1.Highlight decorative automotive interior components, such as injection mold

2.The flat-panel TV front frame, decorative frame, base and other injection mold

3.Injection Mold Auto Lamp shade, decorative strips

Chemical composition (typical)

C Si Mn Cr Mo Ni
Patented product

Delivery Condition




Typical values of V-impact toughness

Tensile strength

UT Target







Physical properties

20 100 200 300
Elastic modulus GPa 212 207 199 192
Coefficient of linear expansion 10-6m/m.K

11.1 11.3 12.9 13.4
Thermal conductivity W/(m.K) 35 36 37 36
Heat treatment

The ASTM has got final heat treatment when it is in delivery, and it is necessary for eliminating stress after the rough machining and welding.

Temperature Cooling way
Annealing 680-700 Air cooling
Annealing 830-880
Tempering 550-580 Cooling to 450 slowly then air cooling
Stress 500-530 Cooling to 450 slowly then air cooling
Welding preheating 320-350 Air cooling

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Tel: +86-510-81818636 Fax: +86-510-81818633 E-mail: [email protected]
Address: New District of Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province Kam Road 101 6 (Forward Industries District)
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