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Machine:A vertical sawing machine can cut 600MM/2000MM/4000M

Two deep hole drilling machine, HD1600MM, HD-1000MM.

Customers can carry out holes according to the drawing thimble hole, drilling hole hole sleeve.

Heat treatment:

Vacuum heat treatment:First, the most advanced 12Bar vacuum furnace for vacuum heat treatment. The vacuum furnace can reach a very high cooling rate by optimizing the system. The performance of the vacuum furnace can meet the requirements for the cooling performance of the vacuum furnace.

Vacuum tempering:The vacuum tempering furnace uses a very mature design structure, to maintain a high degree of vacuum, can avoid the mold in the process of tempering.

To stress tempering:The tempering furnace adopts foreign advanced design technology, can guarantee the uniformity of the furnace temperature to 10 degrees C, to ensure the uniformity of the mold surface hardness after tempering.

Cryogenic treatment: Cryogenic cooling to -180 deg.c, can effectively reduce the content of residual austenite in the steel heat treatment, the results show that cryogenic treatment has significant effect on prolonging the service life of the parts of materials, parts wear resistance, toughness, hardness, dimensional stability and corrosion resistance are improved to different degrees.

Surface coating:To provide high quality TD, PVD coating service, PVD coating has a high surface hardness, high corrosion resistance and does not change the characteristics of the product geometry, improve product service life, widely used in cutting tools, stamping molding, injection molding and casting mold, easy to corrosion parts, automotive engine parts, semiconductor packaging and other industries.

Technical service:To provide you with better and more reasonable selection of service, so that the life of your mold to get greater improvement.

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Tel: +86-510-81818636 Fax: +86-510-81818633 E-mail: [email protected]
Address: New District of Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province Kam Road 101 6 (Forward Industries District)
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